About DenielleDesign

Hey Friend,
I am Angela Grant, founder and artist for DenielleDesigns.  
I have been a creative person since I was a child.  Initially, my mom thought I should study art in college, but being a “practical” person, I chose a different path.  I doubted my ability to make a living as an artist and decided to go down a safer path, education.  Once the pandemic hit and the world changed, I decided to embrace my creative side.


In December 2020, I asked for a new Mac, an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, and a membership to SkillShare because I was going to become a designer. I hadn’t painted in several years and I had a lot to learn.  I just knew that I wanted to be creative again.  There is nothing like having a dream and then pursuing it. 


In January of 2022 I started making and selling stickers and I have expanded to offering a variety of products featuring my designs.  My mission is to design and sell stationery, home and office decor, and novelty products that feature African American women and their fraternal service oriented organizations.  I know that representation matters and I am so proud to represent a wide variety of women in my work.